Thursday, 24 April 2014

Grab the Eggs Before They Poof Hunt

B Barbie Style w/ Butt Appliers


Greta's Couture w/ Butt Appliers

Greta's Couture

Perch w/ Butt Appliers

MadCat Creations



Tuesday, 22 April 2014

April Showers of Gifts

Purple Candy Midnight Mania Prize

CoCoches Group Gift w/ Butt Appliers

Bailey's Group Gift

Graffitiwear Group Gift w/ Butt Appliers

avd Free Gift

ModaMia Group Gift

Sugar Button Boutique Group Gift w/ Butt Appliers


MadCat Creations

Ivy's Mix


Monday, 21 April 2014

HQ Donations

Hello Lovelies,

I've been very lapse at checking the cupcake for donations over the last couple of weeks, but Luna finally poked me to remind me today. I went over there and there was L$200 in the cupcake......I'm pretty sure we can do better than that!!!

Here are the transaction details, so you know I'm not pocketing your hard earned lindens:

04/21/201410:23:22580f7600Destination: LunaNocturnal 
Region: Apocalypsis 

Please don't forget to donate while you are over at HQ checking out the amazing gifts from SO many amazing BBBF designers, every little bit helps!


The Spring Fling Hunt

Some lovely gifts for boobeh babes from the LOL Spring Fling Hunt :)

Que Bella! w/ Butt Appliers

Lunamoon Creations w/ Butt Appliers

RedLine w/ Butt Appliers

MadCat Creations



Sunday, 20 April 2014

S&C Easter Egg + NMD Ladybug Hunts

Find the 9 Chocolate Easter Eggs and one Chocolate Bunny at Sugar & Cyanide - Limited Time

w/ Butt and Slink Appliers

w/ Butt Appliers


w/ Butt and Slink Appliers


And on the same sim, 2 eggs from Sacred Dreams

w/ Butt Appliers


Neus Magic Designs Ladybug Hunt - 6 gifts w/ Butt & Boob Appliers


Friday, 18 April 2014

Gifties of the Day!!

Mr. Bloch Skin Group Gift - w/ Butt, Slink, Loud Mouth Appliers - 4 tones, many makeups

Wow Skins Easter Egg Sim Hunt - All Appliers - Golden Egg 50L

TAOX Tattoo - WAAM Hunt Gift w/ Butt Appliers

The following 4 pictures are items available free at the new Fab Free HQ

Buttery Toast w/ Butt Appliers

ARC & FN w/ Butt Appliers, Jewelry and Boots

IAF w/ Butt Appliers

1 Hundred (comes with 4 shades of blues)

And moar store  gifties :)
BDR comes with 6 colors - MP Free w/ Butt Appliers

NMD Group Gift w/ Butt Appliers

Biddy Group Gift w/ Butt Appliers NO BOOB APPLIER

ARC & FN Easter Group Gift w/ Butt Appliers

Glitzz Group Gift w/ Butt Appliers

RedLine/Demon Lucky Letter Prize w/ Butt Appliers

Kharanee's Group Gift w/ Butt Appliers

Ravnous Group Gift

Shar's Gowns MP Free


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