Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Skin, tattoo, reindeers and other gifties

Mystic Canvass Xen Skin Group Gift w/ Phat Azz & Slink

Sugar & Cyanide Candy Cane Hunt @ Christmas Cart Sale

Barely Legal Fortitude Group Gift

Barely Legal  Fly High Group Gift w/ Phat Azz

Gatherings Rhonda Reindeer @Bewbapalooza Gift w/ Phat Azz

Trinite Christmas Tree Gift

Trinite Christmas Tree Gift

Suicide Gurls Hollow Tattoo Group Gift (50L join)

Tw@tty C@ke Burnout Purple Group Gift w/ Phat Azz

Tw@tty C@ke Peppermint Group Gift

Tw@tty C@ke Treats Group Gift

U. Refined Fashion Group Gift w/ Phat Azz

U. Refined Christmas Cart Sale Candy Cane Hunt Gift w/ Phat Azz



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