Tuesday, 22 July 2014

cA gift @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

I love me some sexy lingerie, especially in my favorite color, purple!!

Fragile Love Bra & Panties in Purple by Chocolate Atelier @Cosmopolitan Sales Room Group Gift

Lolas, Azz & Slink Physique Appliers


Monday, 21 July 2014

Time-limited Kitty bikini

Another time-limited group gift from CoCoChes, this time it's the Kitty string bikini in pink.
By now I think you know the drill with these bikinis. :-) It's only up for 24 hours and when it's gone, it's gone. Notice was posted at 9:32 AM SLT, that's four hours ago, so I hope you all will have the time to pick up this awesomely cute little bikini.

Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz, Brazilia doll and butt, Perfect bum, BANNED, Ghetto Booty, Lena Lush, WowMeh, Slink Physique

New gifts from !Soul

Happy Monday my darlings!
I have a little something to alleviate the Monday blues for you. A new group gift from !Soul and a Midnight Mania prize from the same. The MM requires the group, but as previously mentioned, the main group at !Soul is completely free! (They also have a pay group Luxury !Soul)
Available appliers for these outfits are Tango and Lush.

This mesh dress called Crack is the free MM prize, I just love how it hugs my curves and the sexy slit, while it still remains fairly modest with long sleeves and a rather high neck.
If you like this dress, there's also a pink version available to camp for, requires group and 90 min of your time.

The Harem outfit is the latest free group gift, a pair of mesh harem pants and a system top. 

The hair I'm wearing in the second pic is the Exile dollarbie from Hair Fair, recently put up. 
It works ok with boobs,  if you're not to well-endowed.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Soulful gifts

Good evening my darlings!
I hope you had a great weekend. Myself I've been insanely busy, baking, throwing a party and looking at bridesmaids dress (I'm getting married in RL this fall). But I did find some time to squeeze in this blog post. :-)
Today I would like to show you these free group gifts from !Soul. There's currently no less than six different gifts available, five dresses and one skin. The group is free to join.
NOTE: There are two groups at !Soul, a free one and Luxury !Soul which is 60$L to join. The gifts shown here are for the free group, and are found to the right from the landing point. Follow the beacon you get from the slurl above.

First, two lovely formal dresses, both mesh. The red one can be worn without the fur boa, which might not fit very well in the middle of the summer, but will make this one a great Christmas dress when that time comes. This one is also colour change, comes with a HUD with a total of 6 different red shades.
Both these dresses comes with appliers for Tango and Lush.

The Short Tube  mesh dress in black and white will be great for an evening out with friends, or even a slightly more formal occasion. Appliers: Tango and Lush

 Two more casual but equally lovely mesh dresses, the Rainbow and the polkadot Retro dress in pink.
Also with appliers for Tango and Lush.

Last is this pretty skin in the Milky tone. As usual, pictures of skin are not Photoshopped in any way but cropping, pics where taken using the CalWL setting, wearing a free facelight from Redgrave.
This gift also includes a shape, eyes and eyelashes which are not shown.
Appliers: Tango, Loud Mouth, Baby Bump, Phat Azz, Brazilia, Ghetto Booty, Perfect Bum and Body, WowMeh, Slink hands, feet and Visage

Psst! Like the hair I'm wearing? It's a free group gift from PR!TTY. They are currently in the process of moving, but you can join their group by copying and pasting this link, the group is in the notices.

Hello Boobie Babes!

Here's a quickie post to tell you about another time-limited gift over at CoCoChes! It will only be available for 24 hours and it's already been 11 hours since the notice was posted so you got to hurry! (I know, I was slow on this was, I blame the fact that I was asleep... ;)

This Birds string bikini comes with appliers for Tango, Ghetto Booty, Phat Azz, Perfect Bum, Brazilia bum and doll, Lena Lush, WowMeh and Slink Physique

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Do you remember when I told you that it would be worth joining the Sassy group even if there only was one group gift with appliers? Well, turns out I was right. Ivy now has another group gift available for us well-endowed girls (and in case you missed the old one, it's still there, as well as the Lucky Chair prizes I have previously blogged). 

The Animal Attraction dress will see you through all this summer's cocktail parties. It's partial mesh and has almost all appliers you can imagine, the majority on them neatly gathered in a single HUD.

Appliers in HUD: Tango, Mirage, Lush, Phat Azz, Brazilia, Slink Physique
Omega appliers in separate hud

Is a Dark Salvation still a salvation?

It's weekend babes!
Let's celebrate this with a bunch of goodies from Dark Salvation.

First we have two free group gifts. Bad Ass in pink and the Tank and Leather Skirt. The group is free to join.

Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, WowMeh

Next is Dark Salvation's specialty, cropped t-shirts. The have a ton of them, funny, pretty, and cool. All priced at 25$L. I fell in love with the Spray Paint Babe one and the other one was just plain funny. :-) Complimenting my tops is a free Lucky chair prize, the Purple handprints jeans shorts.
Appliers: Tango for tops, Phat Azz, Brazilia and Ghetto Booty for the shorts.

The free Midnight Mania prize is also a cropped t-shirt, and I think I know someone who is gonna love me wearing this... ^.^ The MM is open to all, there is also a group MM with a yellow ring suit not shown.
Appliers: Tango

Last but not least is two more free Lucky chair prizes, the nice patterned tank top, and the Hotness bathing suit in teal (it really is a suit, not a bikini, there are connecting straps in the back).
Appliers: Tango for the top, Tango, Phat Azz, Brazilia, Ghetto Booty for the suit

The Lucky Chairs at Dark Salvation changes every 2 minutes and there is a whole slew of different prizes to be won. There's also a Lucky Cupcake.

Lots of gifties at CoCoChes

You remember CoCoChes? I blogged their time-limited group gift Earth Elemental a while ago.
Recently I went back to CoCoChes, and what did I find? Twelve extra group gifts just sitting there!

And when I was working on this blog post, a notice popped up about a new time-limited bikini! This one will only be up for 24 hours so hurry, hurry, hurry! 

Appliers: Tango, BANNED, Perfect Bum, Phat Azz, Brazilia bum and doll, Lena Lush, WowMeh, Slink Physique

And here, in quick succession are the other group gifts, except the boots, which I forgot to snap a picture of.

Birds Monokini
Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz, Brazilia

Angels hoodie and shorts
Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz, Brazilia, Ghetto Booty

Predatory or Cute? dresses in black and pink 
Appliers: Tango, Brazilia, Phat Azz

Daddy's girl top and Mini jeans
Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz, Brazilia

Red pants and matching top
Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz, Brazilia

Lace bodysuit and red bodysuit 
Applier: Tango, Phat Azz, Brazilia

Rosa lingerie and silver lingerie
 Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz, Brazilia

Friday, 18 July 2014

New Round of Going Bust

If you haven't checked out the bi-weekly event Going Bust you've missed out on some awesome deals! Held at the Cleavage sim, this weeks round offers 2 outfits on sale for 50L, and others under 100L.

While you're there, browse the entire sim, it's a boobie paradise all for us!

 Striped Tank & Trouble Shorts w/ Tango appliers by SexZ 50L

Summer Maxi Skirt and Cami w/ Lolas and Lush appliers by trs 50L

Happy Shopping!


Beautiful AND dangerous

Well, actually I don't think I'm that dangerous... ;-)
But the two outfits I bring you today are both from the store Beautiful dangerous.

The first is the current free group gift, group is free to join.
This lovely Adore You lingerie in seashell set comes with appliers for Tango and Phat Azz.

Second item is the hunt prize for the Beach Bum hunt. For 1$L you get the bikini top and shorts, with appliers for Tango, Phat Azz and WowMeh.

Like the hair I'm wearing in the pictures? You can pick up the fatpack for 1$L at MOON, on the wall next to the desk, and while I'm not one of those super well-endowed girls, I found it worked well with my boobies, there was some small cutting due to the alpha bug, but there are hardly any hairs in SL that don't suffer from this issue from time to time. 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

More fishing!

So yesterday I posted about 7seas fishing and you can get freebies from that (see this post).
Today I'm showing you another amazing free outfit you can fish for.
This time it's from [[A.R.C.+F.N.]] (Which actually stands for Anubis Reincarnate Creations + Fenrir's Nemisis. I bet you didn't know that!)

Summer Souvenirs is a two-part outfit, one bodysuit and one top with leggings. It also comes with a pair of flip-flops for Slink flat feet, which I'm not showing.
Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, BANNED, Brazilia, WowMeh

BBBF gifties!

So what's better than waking up to two new gifts in the BBBF notices? Nothing I know of (possibly ice cream for breakfast, but that's a debated issue in this household...)

First is this sweet mesh maxi skirt and matching top from Brain Dead! It comes with appliers for Tango and WowMeh (not sure how well they fit the updated body which was just released, I heard it's slightly different in shape. Anyone who has tried, please tell us in the comments!)

And next if this sexy little Glitter dress from ModaMia. Apparently there was some issues with the MM and Shania wanted to make sure everyone who had slapped got it, so she generously sent it to the entire group. You just have to love designers like that. ღ
This dress comes with a mass of appliers, all handy enough in HUD, expect the Slink Physique ones.

Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, Brazilia, Perfect Bum, Lena Lush, Sking Muscular, Sking Dolly, Perfect Body, Omega, WowMeh, Slink Physique

Musical tattoo

It's not another bikini, I promise!
It was just that a bikini seemed the best way show this tattoo off.

This is a free hunt prize for the Plugged in Hunt from Raynzone and it comes with appliers for Tango, Phat Azz, BANNED and Babybump. It's tintable so you can have it in any colour you like.
Hint: Angels have beautiful voices

When you're at Raynzone, be sure to join their group, it's free for a limited time, and one of the available gifts is a 100$L giftcard!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hello Titty Hunt 4: The Peek-a-Boo

Coming soon!  
The Hello Titty Hunt 4: Peek-a-Boo Edition 
The hunt is set to run from Sept. 1-20.  
Stay tuned to our blog for details!

Fishing for freebies at Sn@tch

Are you familiar with 7seas fishing? It's one of all those SL games you see all over the place. 
You buy a fishing rod, you cast out for fish and they come in different rarities, you can use bait etc.
What's interesting to me about fishing is that in some places you can fish for freebies!
Instructions for fishing on the bottom of the post. :-)

One of those place is Sn@tch and they currently have the Wide open skies set to fish for. 
This set comes in 22 pieces, they are transfer, so you can trade your doubles with other fishers.
The Sn@tch fishing prices always has a great many mix and match options so I'm only showing you some basics here. 
The set comes with two different tops, mesh tutu, stockings and mesh leggings as well as make-up, armbands and earrings.
Appliers: Tango, PhatAzz, WowMeh, Slink Physique, Slink feet

If you want this set, don't wait too long. Sn@tch usually changes their fishing prices every two weeks or so.

Now, to fish, you need a fishing rod. If you just want to try it out, you can get the Demo rod for 1$L, it give you 5 casts only, not great for an outfit with 22 pieces, but good if you want to try the game.
The Casual Rod cost 100$L, but you'll soon earn that back in freebies. 
If you really want to try out the game and not just get more clothes, I recommend investing in the pro rod for 250$L. This one has the, to me, great benefit of coming with one invisible version without animations. So your avi will just look to be sitting casually. :-)

Oh, and if you happen to see me in-world, hit me up for some trading. 
I have about a million doubles now. ;-)

Hello my name is Coira and I'm addicted to bikinis...

It's not my fault! I can't help all designers make awesome bikinis in July, 
and lots of them give them out for free too! :-D

Busty Boutique has this love striped one out as their July group gift. It comes with applier for Tango, Lush, BBusty, Phat Azz, Brazilia, Perfect Bum, WowMeh (there's also two more butt appliers which I'm unfortunately unable to decipher: [Bl] and [uL]. If anyone know what those are, please let me know in the comments)
The group is free to join! The shoes I'm wearing is another group gift from Busty Boutique, for Slink High Feet.

Another great deal from Busty Boutique, this body suit, 
can be found at their Marketplace store in four different colours for only 10$L a piece. 
This comes with the same appliers as the bikini above.

No Cabide Group Gift of Love

Love Me Top, Panties and Tattoo by No Cabide with Tango and Phat/Cute Azz Appliers 

No Cabide Group Gift


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Gift and deals from Graffitiwear

Have you ever been to Graffitiwear? If not, I highly recommend a visit. 
And if you're already acquainted with this store, 
you might still want to head down to pick up this free group gift, the group is free to join!
This sexy Macrame dress in salmon has a mesh skirt panel and it isn't as see-through as you might think, the texture being artfully arranged to cover your naughty bits.

Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, Brazilia, WowMeh

While your at Graffitiwear, be sure to check out their 2ferTuesday offer. For only 50$L you get the Velvet skirt and top in both pink and lavender!

 Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, Brazilia, WowMeh
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