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Currently Active Staff List:

Here is a list of the ACTIVE staff members in BBBF. Please hang onto this in case you ever need to contact one of us.

Group Manager:
Tara Asamoah
MrNicholai Resident

Group Officers:
Trin1 Resident
Dreamiezzz Resident
Gelfy Sorbet
Xxanaa Resident

Xxanaa Resident
Emeraldz1 Resident

If you are a designer and would like notice rights in the group, please contact Mrnicholai Resident.
If you would like your items/event featured on the BBBF website, please contact Xxanaa Resident.
If you have any other queries, please contact any of the group officers and they will either help you out or point you in the direction of the person who can.

We do have group owners and other members of staff that are very much part of the group, but who are currently NOT actively taking part in the group at this time. Please refer to the above list if you need to speak to  member of staff.

Thank you for sticking with us while we muddle through!

Below you will find the complete list of group owners and Managers, we'll let you know as soon as they are back with us <3

Group owner and boss lady - Babs (Babaloos) (currently on sabatical in rl)

Board of Directors *snorts* - Deej (DJ Mixemup)
                                                               - Crumpet (Tara Asamoah)

Beefy security guy (careful can be grumpy when woken) - Ozzy Gearz (Ozzy is a bot and can't answer IM's)

Blogging Babes -
                                                                         Babs A.W.O.L at this time
                                                                                       Carebear Dethly (street junkers)
                                                                         Cherrylicious (emeraldz1)
                                                   Xana (xxanaa)
If you have any queries, please contact one of us and if that person can help they will, if not they will send you in the direction of someone who can.

Official BBBF Sponsors

Patchwork Heart
.::Pink Sugah::.
Chest Treasures

And that's everyone!!!


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